S60 Features and Specifications


Choose between three S60 powertrain options:

 T8 (Hybrid)
 Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
All Wheel Drive
All Wheel Drive
 Engine Size:
4 cyl, 2.0L
4 cyl, 2.0L
4 cyl, 2.0L
 Horsepower: 250 hp
316 hp
400 hp
 Horsepower Rev:
5500 rpm
5700 rpm
6000 rpm
 Torque: 258 lb-ft
295 lb-ft
472 lb-ft

S60 Safety Features

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) + Cross Traffic Alert

As a vehicle enters your blind spot, this function can alert you via a warning light built into the front door post - left and right. Together with the door mirrors this helps you assess the feasibility of a lane change. BLIS is activated once the car exceeds 6 mph and reacts to almost any type of vehicle, including motorcycles. Cross Traffic Alert uses rear sensors to alert you of crossing traffic from the sides when reversing out of a parking space.

City Safety Collision Avoidance Technology

By helping to keep a lookout and braking if necessary, City Safety adds to relaxed control. This Volvo safety innovation can detect other vehicles as well as pedestrians, cyclists and large animals - day or night. City Safety supports you with audible, visible and brake pulse warnings when needed. If a collision is imminent or if you should turn into the path of an oncoming vehicle in an intersection, City Safety can brake automatically to help you avoid or mitigate an impact.

Oncoming Lane Mitigation

Using automatic steering assistance, this system helps you avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles. If you cross a lane marking in the way of an oncoming vehicle, your car automatically steers back and warns you. Active beginning at 37 mph. Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled, this is only a supportive function.

S60 Technology Features

360-Degree Surround View Camera

With our 360° camera you can see a virtual bird's eye view of the area surrounding your Volvo. A high-resolution image is shown in the center display and will be a great help for example when maneuvering or reversing in tight areas with impaired visibility - you can even see what's going around the corner at a 180° side view in front or at the rear of your car.

Smartphone Integration (Apply CarPlay/Android Auto)

Integrate your smartphone's familiar interface and functions with the center display in your Volvo. Make calls, enjoy music and navigate easily using the touch screen, steering wheel controls or voice control. Cable connection via an additional USB port in the front center armrest means your battery is charged and you can enjoy the highest sound quality through the audio system. Smartphone integration supports iPhone® (5 or later) via Apple CarPlay as well as Android smartphones (5.0 Lollipop or later via Android Auto).

Keyless Entry with Hands-Free Power Tailgate

Open your door and start your engine simply by keeping the remote in your pocket or purse. In addition to keyless entry and drive, the tailgate/trunk can be opened automatically in different ways: with the remote control, a switch on the dashboard, by pressing the handle button or by easily sliding your foot under the rear area to activate the motion sensor. The power tailgate (wagon) can also be programmed to open to a lower height than its maximum if you should park your car in a garage with limited roof height.

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