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Enhance your Volvo in approximately 60 minutes!

Polestar optimizations focus on different key features that will enhance your personal driving experience, taking it to a new level of control and excitement. The Polestar optimization is not limited to the engine-the whole powertrain is enhanced. The software upgrade focuses on several crucial performance areas of the car, giving you a more precise and balanced driving experience. The optimizations are installed in about an hour and do not affect your original warranty and service intervals!

The Polestar optimization software is offered on every current Volvo model, in addition to many older Volvo models. Call the Service or Sales department to learn which model years and models qualify to receive this exciting upgrade!

Average Cost for the Polestar Optimization Software is only $1,295* (based on a new 2022 model).

Six Polestar Optimization Features

Throttle Response

Experience quicker passing.

Throttle response has been recalibrated to provide improved feedback and acceleration reaction--ideal for passing or during active driving on a twisting road.

Feel the difference: Release the throttle when entering a corner and push it down again when you exit. To isolate the effect of the throttle response, drive slowly to feel how the engine reacts to the movements of the pedal.

Off Throttle Reponse

Experience improved predictability and control.*

The engine and transmission have been calibrated to provide faster responses when the driver suddenly releases the throttle, providing predictability and control.

Feel the difference: On a slight twisting road at 60 MPH, decelerate to 40 MPH and then accelerate to 60 MPH again. The gearbox anticipates your next move and will give you the best possible acceleration, reacting to your command at all times

*Automatic transmission only.

Gearshift Speed

Experience faster gear shifts and acceleration*

Shift speed has been increased, allowing the car to accelerate faster and react more directly to driver input.

Feel the difference: Accelerate quickly when overtaking another vehicle on the highway. The shift speed is increased, allowing for faster up and down shifts and shorter response times to driver input.

*Automatic transmission only.

Gearshift Precision and Hold

Experience better precision and smarter gear shifts*

Gearshift has been optimized to provide a more precise driving experience with faster acceleration. Gearshift points have been calibrated to utilize the optimized mid-range engine performance, while the gear hold function maintains the same gear when cornering with high lateral g-force.

Feel the difference: Accelerate from slow speed and notice how the gearbox will shift gear to make the best use of the optimized engine performance. Maintain the same speed through a corner and notice how the gearbox stays in the same gear. The gearbox works with you to keep the car balanced through the corner, avoiding unwanted gearshifts and when exiting the curve, you have all the power you need to accelerate.

*Automatic transmission

Engine Performance

Experience more power when it matters.

All Drive-E Optimizations are made to provide greater performance in the engine’s mid-range powerbrand—perfect for the sporty driver when passing, entering a highway or coming out of a turn.

Feel the difference: Accelerate from standstill, then from 30 MPH and from 45 MPH. Feel how the optimized engine works to give you more power and performance in every situation.

Torque to Rear Wheels - AWD

Experience increased torque to the rear wheels for a more dynamic experience.

Increased torque to the rear wheels for a more dynamic experience results in both improved control during cornering and better traction at take-off. Available for non-hybrid SPA and CMA vehicles with AWD from model year 2016 and onward.

Feel the difference: When turning into a corner, accelerate and feel the All Wheel Drive system increase the torque transfer to provide a more neutral to slightly over-steered behavior.