Volvo Genuine Windshield— More than just glass

The windshield is one of the most important components of your Volvo. Not only does it ensure an undistorted view-- it also is a critical structural component of the vehicle. That means the installation process for windshield replacement has to be exact and performed using only Volvo Genuine glass in order to retain the original properties. 

If you're searching for a reputable and certified company for your Volvo windshield replacement near Hanover, Dallastown or York, choose the professionals at our local dealership. Installing a Volvo Genuine Windshield at Lehman Volvo Cars of York guarantees the structural integrity of your Volvo and ensures safety systems relying on the windshield will not be compromised. 

What is the Volvo Genuine Windshield Advantage?

  • Retains the safety integrity of your Volvo
  • 100% defect and distortion free for unobstructed visibility
  • Precise curvature for a perfect fit
  • Thick laminated design helps protect against breakage and shattering
  • Bonding systems ensure effectiveness of Volvo safety systems
  • Recalibration performed by Lehman Volvo Cars of York
When replacing the windshield, it is of course just as important that all features function as intended and expected. At Lehman Volvo Cars of York, all required operations are known and carried out and using the necessary systems to reassure that everything is put back in working order.  The windshield is a part of 12 Volvo safety systems, including:
 1) City Safety 7) Ready alert brakes
 2) Adaptive cruise control8) Active high beams
 3) Collision warning w/ Pedestrian detection9) Alert lights vs Low beam activation
 4) Driver alert system10) Prepared seatbelts/airbags
 5) Lane keeping aid11) Passenger airbag force distribution
 6) Traffic sign information12) Structural body support 

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