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Drive Sustainably with the New Volvo Recharge Models

Drive with a purpose when you drive a Volvo Recharge model that will bring joy back into driving. You will discover Volvo's new pure electric and Plug-in hybrid cars designed for a better way of moving in the world.

The are new luxuries that come with Recharge models that can't go unnoticed. You can have instant power that comes with low or zero tailpipe emissions. You will discover that Recharge brings new technologies, designs, and sustainable materials into your driving experience around York.

There are only some models that come equipped with Recharge. You can choose between the new XC90 Recharge, XC60 Recharge, S60 Recharge, and V60 Recharge. With these spacious and high-performing models, you will be turning heads in every direction.

Pure Electric

With zero tailpipe emission, driving the Recharge pure electric creates the quietest driving experience. Powered by a high-voltage battery and dual electric motors, our XC40 Recharge Pure Electric is pure progress for the roads ahead.

Plug-in Hybrid

With less gas and more purpose, the plug-in Hybrid makes a statement. Our Recharge Plug-un Hybrids, an electric motor for a choice of pure electric mode, power mode, and hybrid model, gives you total control and lower tailpipe emission in your overall performance.


A Plug-in hybrid is more dependent on short-term public charging. Other powertrains capture braking energy, and it doesn't need to be plugged in. A Plug-in hybrid offers greater flexibility because it runs on fuel when you're unable to charge.

A Pure electric depends heavily on finding a place to charge to keep your drive going. It's easy to integrate charging into your daily routine, whether you charge at home or your workplace in Hanover. In Pure electric, you are more likely to make short trips and only need to charge a few times a week, but with Plug-in Hybrid, you may be able to charge after each trip to minimize fuel usage.

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Experience what life could be like when you go electric. Volvo Recharge delivers exceptional performance while protecting the world one step at a time.

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