Lehman Volvo Cars of York's Service and Parts departments are still open, and we want to help ensure that you continue to enjoy your Volvo car or SUV. One way we can assist is by performing routine maintenance on your Volvo model for you. One of the most critical services for your vehicle is an oil change, so bring your Volvo into our service department, and we can take care of that for you.

So what exactly does engine oil do for your engine? Well, it keeps your engine running smoothly and prevents unwanted, costly repairs from popping up during one of your adventures. This important liquid lubricates the metal parts of the powertrain to prevent extreme wear and tear on those parts. It also collects particles and has detergents to keep everything working correctly.

Skipping on an oil change can be a costly mistake as it can cause severe damage to the engine. Over time, the oil in your Volvo will naturally break down and will eventually lose its ability to adequately lubricate the metal pieces in your engine.

Another danger of skipping an oil change is the sludge buildup. When old oil starts to harden into this sludge, the crucial components of your engine will not have the oil they need to prevent unnecessary wear. In the worst-case scenario, this sludge can lead to a costly engine replacement or rebuild, which no driver wants to deal with.

One routine service that is vital to keeping your Volvo at peak performance is regularly scheduled oil changes. If it's time for your Volvo car or SUV to get an oil change, bring it to our service department, and our trained technicians will have you back on the road in no time. Schedule an appointment online today, so we are prepared for your arrival.

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